Sunday, January 25, 2015

The first meeting

I was still in my course work when my guide, Prof. Nina Sabnani, introduced me to Sher Singh Bhabor and Subash Amaliyar, the artists from the Bhil community in M.P. They were visiting my college, IIT Bombay as part of a film making process funded by the Tata Trust. The idea was a collaborative animation film, where the stories, characters and animation would be done involving the artists in every stage. Now as an animation film maker myself, that is something that really interests me and with all my past work with BOL, I was keen to meet them. It was really kind of Nina to let me be a part of the process. But, eventually I figured out, that the meeting was more to involve me with the community and the art than me, contributing as a film maker.

The first thing that I noticed about their art was that, it was made up with hundreds and thousands of equal dots, of different colors that gave a beautiful texture to their paintings. Another interesting thing, was almost all their paintings had narratives. The stories spoke about their weather, livelihood, lifestyle, rituals and festivals.

I took an initial, informal interview with the artists getting to know more about their village, family members and their art.

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