Sunday, July 27, 2014


IF YOU WALK AND KEEP WALKING in the country side of British Isles you will soon encounter piles of stones on the way, beautifully arranged, one on top of the other.

It is a tradition dating back to centuries, called Cairns.

Cairns are magnificent man-made structures, some small piles to artificial hills, some loosely tied together to some achieving a fine balance between engineering and delicate art.

They are found all over the planet Earth. From Europe, North and northeast Africa, America, the Asia and the Pacific.
Cairns can be interpreted as travel markers for whatever reasons, practical or philosophical. For travelers, they’re invaluable as landmarks. In South Korea, cairns are quite prevalent, often found along roadsides and trails, up on mountain peaks, and adjacent to Buddhist temples. Hikers frequently add stones to existing cairns trying to get just one more on top of the pile, to bring good luck. (
In many ways, this Research-Travelogue serves the same purpose. 
It can inspire and enlighten, confuse you at times, help point out hazards or meaningful history, build arguments, break them and again gear you up to take on the journey. Depending on what you’re looking for, they can keep you on your path or suggest a new one. 
These are landmarks for paths of thought. Like a cairn, it invites travelers on the path, to add a stone on the mounts.
I start my journey today, as a researcher at IIT Bombay (17.7.2014). Treading on the paths of Art, Artist Communities, Pedagogy and the natural learning methods of a child. Yes, they are research topics by itself. But, atleast i have been able to put down my areas of interest and through these 4 years I aim to reach my destination. But, honestly, as a true traveler by heart, I intend to enjoy and learn from the journey more than the destination. Hence, this blog to capture the pages from my dairy - A Research Travelogue.
"Travel is a fine balance between the 
practicality of the destination and the aesthetics of lostness" 
- Debjani Mukherjee

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