Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Ice Breaking Ceremony

24th Sept 2015

As a few months went by, the community children did know me well enough to attend a workshop where they were expected to illustrate a story in their own style. I had planned to document the entire process and as per schedule we finished the documentation for later analysis. However, while the children were waiting for their parents to pick them up, a casual conversation started while I tried doodling something with the leftover colors. They immediately had a dozen questions for me while some got busy suggesting the right colors and the technique, to make the Bhil art. They were more than pleased to have met an aspiring artist in the researcher they had known for months.

That evening suddenly made me one of the community or atleast like them. They soon became sensitive towards my purpose, in more than one ways. I had previously spent hours interviewing them about the technique and the process of their art, to which the answers were mostly one-liners. Now, even though they still did not know how to express in words, they made an effort to teach me and in the process I believe to find answers to the questions I once asked them.

Unfortunately, at this time, I had to get back from the fieldwork, as it was time for the yearly submissions. I spent a lot of time analyzing the documentation of the workshop. In the coming days, I would spend more time on the process, the experimentation and the findings. Even though I long to go back to the fields and renew my training in the art, the above study has to close with a completion before I move any further.

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